ACF Format


Advanced Custom Fields is one of the most powerful and flexible plugins we use. It meets nearly all our needs for site customization. It is a robust plugin, so its use should be organized. These are some guidelines on how to structure your ACF field groups.

The top-level organization is a “Field Group”, aptly named because it is a group of fields. Try to keep the field groups limited by page or section, for example – use one field group for Home Page, one for Global Fields, one for Interior Pages, etc. Within each respective field group, include ALL the fields for that given page or section. The “Home Page” field group should contain all fields for everything found ONLY on the front page (Calls to Action, Homepage Hero, Testimonial repeater, etc.) This will help keep the fields organized.

On pages that have a lot of fields, use the “Tab” field to group related fields and better organize them on the back end. The “Group” field is similar. A “Group” is a little trickier to use though. The Group MUST have a name and slug. When calling a field from a group, it must be called as if it is an element in an array. The following would call the “text_field” field inside the “group_name” group:


Above all – always remember to keep the organization as basic and logical as possible for the end-user. Never assume the user is going to be a tech savvy WordPress wizard.