Featured Image


By default, the Featured Image gets pulled in on every interior page along the top, with the page title overlayed. The main files for changing the featured image can be found either in /_includes/featured.jade, or /functions/featured.php. The Jade file is how the featured gets pulled in and displayed, while the /functions/featured.php file is the actual logic which tells the page what content to display, as well as fallbacks for pages without featured images attached.

Typically, this setup won’t need to be modified on the average site. Rarely do we make changes to the featured area. All styling changes can be found in /_sass/_includes.scss in the .featured class. You’ll notice there is also an “overlay” class along with the .featured class. Overlay provides a semi-transparent overlay between the background image and the title text. The color can be modified in .overlay:after to suit the site theme. This makes the featured section flexible for users who want to modify featured images. The overlay ensures that the readability of the title is maintained.