GitHub Workflow


GitHub is a great resource for keeping a master copy of code projects. With the need for efficient remote-work options for developers, we have started moving towards a GitHub-centered workflow. GitHub will be the center point of web projects that are in development.

Setting Up a Project

  1. When working on the PHOS test server in the office, head over to devboard.test and add a new site. If working on a local server, open your vvv-custom.yml file and add a new site. See more info about local servers here.
  2. Once the site has been added, open up the terminal and cd into the newly created site’s theme folder.
  3. Run the following command and rename THEMENAME to your new project client/theme name:
    git clone THEMENAME
    – The repo that gets installed should include all the necessary theme files, as well as .babelrc, gulpfile.babel.js, and package.json
  4. Install the necessary base plugins:
    • ACF Pro
    • Better Search and Replace
    • Classic Editor
    • Gravity Forms
    • SendGrid
    • Swift Mailer
    • Velvet Blues Update URLS
    • Yoast
  5. Go to the PHOS GitHub organization and create a new private repo for the project.
  6. Using the terminal, cd into your newly created theme folder and create a new git file by running:
    git init
  7. In your file explorer, navigate to your theme files, open the .git folder and open the config file.
  8. In the /.git/config file, replace the default repo address in terminal command in line 7 (right after “git remote add origin”) with the new git repo address (***.git)
  9. In your terminal, within the specific theme folder, run:
    npm run start