Pre-Populating Gravity Forms


Gravity Form fields can be auto-populated with data from another page. For example, if a user is browsing a job posting for a specific job, an “Apply Now” button might carry them to the general Job Application page/form. In this situation, it would be helpful to auto-populate a “Job” field on the Job Application form with the title of the job from the previous page where it is posted.

Create a Gravity Form. Find the field that needs to be auto-populated, and click into the Advanced options tab in the field settings. Click the checkbox that says “Allow field to be populated dynamically”, then give that field a parameter name. That parameter name can then be used in a query string at the end of the page URL. For example, the URL would look something like “ Developer”. The query string (job-position=Web Devloper) would then tell the Gravity Form to auto-populate the field with the parameter “job-position” to whatever is set in the query string.