Global Fields

Within the PHOS framework, we have a “Global Fields” setting built out under the Settings tab on the WP dashboard. For site-wide content that doesn’t change from page to page (for example – social media links), add an ACF field group for Global Settings, then set the group rule to display on “Options Page”. Once the ACF group has been saved, click over to [...]

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Repeater Field

ACF has a power field called a Repeater field, which allows the user to re-use the same set of fields multiple times on a page. This is useful for adding repeated content with an unknown amount of duplications (for example, a list of links.) A Repeater field is called as a loop (see code below). The fields within a repeater are then called using get_sub_field(‘field_name’). The [...]

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Flex Editor

ACF Pro has a great feature called Flexible Content Field. It allows blocks of content to be added dynamically to a page. For more information, check out the documentation.

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